Born in Cleveland, Ohio, I currently live and work in Auckland, New Zealand with my boys under the shadow of a dormant volcano.


  • Editor/writer, Overview e-letter 2011-present (with Raewyn Walsh and Sharon Fitness)
  • Jewellers Guild of Greater Sandringham, founding member 2010 – present
  • Objectspace Board of Directors 2015 – present.
  • Art Jewellery Forum Ambassador from NZ 2016


  • Broach of the Month Club version 2 & 3 with Masterworks 2011 & 2010 – creator
  • Broach of the Month Club version 1 2008- 2009.  – creator
  • Jewellery on the Brink of a Relationship  2010
  • Rare Fungal Behaviour:  2009
  • Northern Hemisphere Exhibition at Yardmeter Collective, Brooklyn, NY.
  • Southern Hemisphere Exhibition and live performance, The Lab, Unitec, NZ.



  • JEWELdisplayJEWEL, Pātaka Art + Museum, Porirua, NZ
  • SUPERPOSITION, Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney AU


  • Objectmart, via Objectspace, Auckland, NZ
  • “Drinking about jewellery” event, Melbourne, AU


  • Edminston Gallery, Maritime Museum, Auckland, NZ
  • Make.Sell.Shift , Objectspace, Auckland, NZ
  • SPECIALS Handshake Alumni, Munich, Germany


  • 5by5by5by5by5, The See Here Wellington, NZ
  • Outburst of Unhinged Imagination, Grey Street Studio, Adelaide, Australia
  • FOUND: Objectspace, Auckland NZ
  •  R.A.W. – Ironbank Auckland, NZ
  • 5by5by5by5by5, Studio One Toi Tu, Auckland, NZ


  • End of year show, The National , Christchurch,NZ
  • New Objects, Objectspace/Art&Object, Auckland, NZ
  • Front Room Gallery, Auckland, NZ


  • SCHMUCK 2013, Handwerksmesse,Munich, Germany,
  • HandShake, Handwerksmesse,Munich, Germany,
  • Beijing International Jewellery Art Biennale, Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China,
  • Jewellers Guild of Greater Sandringham: First Annual Group Show, RM, Auckland, NZ
  • HandShake, Objectspace, Auckland, NZ
  • Retrospect, The Dowse Museum, Wellington, NZ


  • MakeShift, Masterworks Gallery, Auckland, NZ
  • MakeShift, Snowhite Gallery, Unitec, Auckland, NZ
  • Handshake, the National Gallery, Christchurch, NZ
  • Retrospect, Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville, NZ
  • Jewellery Box, Masterworks Gallery, Auckland, NZ
  • ThinkSpace, Masterworks Gallery, Auckland, NZ
  • Retrospect, TSB Wallace Arts Centre, Auckland, NZ.
  • Handshake, Toi Poneke Gallery, Wellington, NZ


  • HandShake , Masterworks Gallery, Auckland, NZ,
  • HandShake , New Zealand Jewellery Show, Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington, NZ
  • HandShake, Studio 20/17 Sydney, Australia
  • Adorn, Waiheke Art Gallery, Auckland, NZ
  • Winter Neckpieces , Studio 20/17 Sydney, Australia
  • The Box Project, Masterworks Gallery, Auckland, NZ
  • The Box Project, The See Here Gallery, Wellington, NZ,
  • The Art of Engagement, Objectspace Window, Auckland NZ


  • Subliminal Infiltrations, Masterworks, Auckland, NZ
  • Christmas Show, Masterworks, Auckland, NZ
  • The Box Project , The Keeper Gallery,  Gaffa, Syndey, Australia
  • Touch, Pause, Engage, Keeper Gallery, Sydney, Australia
  • First Editions, graduate show, The National, Christchurch, NZ
  • NZ Jewellery Show (Finalist): Regal Casting Awards Show, Sky City, Auckland, NZ
  • Best In Show, Objectspace, Auckland, NZ
  • Broach of the Month Club – Launch, Masterworks, Auckland, NZ


  • Perishable Shop, Rm, Auckland, NZ
  • Feast, Depot via Studio 20/17, Sydney, Australia
  • Woman vs. Moustache , Cross Street Studios, Auckland, NZ
  • NZ Jewellery Show: Regal Casting Awards Show, Sky City, Auckland, NZ


  • Plus One, Brooklyn Artists Gym Brooklyn, NY USA.


  • Drinking about Jewellery, Radiant Pavilion. Melbourne Australian 2017
  • Expose, Musee du Bijou Contemporium, Espace Solidor,  Cagnes-sur-mer France 2017
  • Wunderweek pop-up jeweller events, Auckland, NZ July 2015
  • 5by5by5by5 – Wunderweek, Studio One Toi Tu, Auckland, NZ, July 2015
  • Symmetry is the Work of the Devil, Studio One Toi Tu Feb 2015 – Curatorial internship with Objectspace/Benjamin Lignel& Anna Miles Gallery, April 2015
  • Imagined Cartographies, Takapuna Lake House, Auckland, NZ July 2012
  • The Art of Engagement, group show, Objectspace Window, Auckland NZ, February 2011
  • Touch, Pause, Engage, group show, Keeper Gallery, Sydney, October 2010 (with Raewyn Walsh)
  • Assistant to curator Tim Walker, Magpie, Taupo Museum, Erupt Festival, Taupo 2010


  • Unitec Alumni Artist in Residency 2012
  • Honourable Mention NZ Jewellery Show: Regal Casting Awards 2010.


  • National Craft Symposium via Objectspace– panel 2015
  • JMGA Participation & Exchange, Brisbane, AUS -speaker July 2013
  • JEMposium: International Jewellery Symposium , Wellington, NZ- session chair, speaker, February 20912
  • Synchronised Jewellery, Unitec Research Symposium,Auckland, NZ May 2012
  • Co-editor of the Overview newsletter – Jan 2011 to present
  • Bold new and curious forms, with Craig Foltz, Artnews New Zealand, Spring 2010


  • Chord making workshop – Objectspace 2016
  • Scrimshaw Workshop, Hellensville Art Centre, International Old Persons Day, 2011
  • Magpie jewellery workshop, Taupo Museum via the Erupt Festival, 2010


Art Jewellery Forum:                                                                                                                                           Clarke, Philip. “New Objects Auction Catalogue”.  Objectspace, Auckland, NZ 2014.               Losche, Wolfgang. “Schmuck 2013”. International Handwerksmesse. Munich, Germany 2013.                                                                                                                                                     Binghing, Zhan. “2013 Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition”, Beijing, China 2013     Deckers, Peter and Mary-Jane Duffy (eds). “HandShake:12 Contemporary Jewellers connect with their heroes”  Wellington: JemBooks 2012.                                                         Mears, Jo. “Retrospect”. TSB Wallace Trust, Auckland, NZ 2012                                                 Matus, Jasmine. “The Box Project: contemporary jewellery that thinks outside the box”. Keeper Gallery, Gaffa, Sydney, AU 2010                                                                               D’Agostino, Kristin and Raewyn Walsh (eds). “Touch, Pause, Engage”. Keeper   Gallery, Gaffa, Sydney, AU 2010                                                                                                       Art jewellery Forum:                                                                                                                                                      “Show Pony” Metro Magazine, April 2010                                                                                      “Exhibition space” Threaded Magazine, December 2009                                                            [Cat.Exhib.] “3D Tales”. Unitec, Auckland, NZ December 2009


  • Handshake with Judy Darragh 2013, 2015
  • Makeshift – year long collaboration with Raewyn Walsh 2012
  • Paper Wasp Press, “The Furniture Movers” Michigan/NY, USA Dec 2002


  • 2007 – 2010 Unitec School of Design, Auckland, NZ, Bachelors of Design with Honours. Jewellery
  • 2002-2003 Parsons The New School for Design NY, NY, US, Certification in Fine Art (incomplete)
  • 1995 – 1998 University of Notre Dame, IN, USA.  Bachelors of Business Administration


  • Seam Workshpop, Vito  Bila (2 days) Auckland 2016
  • Peter Bauhuis workshop (5 days), Auckland 2015
  • Opening night: curatorial mentorship with Benjamin Lignel, Objectspace Auckland Nov 2014 – Feb 2015
  • Postproduction workshop, Benjamin Lignel, Objectspace,(1 day) Auckland 2014
  • HandShake Mentoring Program, 2011 – 13, paired with Judy Darragh
  • Unnaturally, Naturally, Jewellery workshop by Lauren Simeoni and Mel Young, MSVA Auckland, February 2010


  • Magpie, Taupo, NZ 2010
  • Workshop 6, Auckland, NZ 2009
  • Location One Gallery NY, NY USA 2002
  • NYC Fringe Festival NY, NY USA 2000 -2002